Connemara Pony Breeders' Society | 2020 CPBS Fee’s
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2020 CPBS Fee’s

2020 CPBS Fee’s

CPBS Registration Fee’s 2020


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As of the 10th of June 2020 new fees will be introduced. Additional fees for testing in the case of exclusions, repeats and submission of additional parentage on the initial application and where an owner is trying to resolve an exclusion from registration.

For your information these fees are explained in full below.  They are itemised also in the CPBS Fee List available to download from the CPBS website


1. ADDITIONAL PARENTAGE: fee applicable when submitting possible parentage to resolve exclusion. Fee is per name per application. €7.50 (Per Name, Per Application)
2. EXCLUSION: fee applicable once sample is reported to the CPBS as an exclusion. €37.00 (Per Application)
3. REPEAT: fee applicable if requested to submit repeat samples in the case of mix up and or exclusion. Price includes new sampling kit and marking chart. €46.00 (Per Application)



On every DNA testing application the owner is required to submit the parentage of the foal. If you are unsure of the parentage or there is a possibility that it involves a differing sire or dam please name these on the initial application.

Also the name of a minimum of 1 sire and 1 dam must be filled in on the initial application. There is the option of entering a further 2 sires and 2 dams or any variations needed, e.g. 4 sires, 4 dams, 3 sires, 1 dam etc.

Any further possibilities will be charged at a rate of €7.50 per name per application.  Please note any additional names written on the sample envelope or marking chart will not be tested. You will need to contact the office immediately if any detail has changed since you submitted your application and receiving your kit. 



If an application is submitted and it excludes from registration for any of the reasons listed (a) to (c) below the owner will be notified by letter or email. To proceed with the registration a fee of €37.00 will be required to be paid and also any fees related to submitting further parentage possibilities.

(a) Sire exclusion – The sire(s) listed in the application do not match the DNA sample

(b) Dam exclusion – The dam(s) listed in the application do not match the DNA sample

(c) Total exclusion – The sire(s) and dam(s) listed in the application do not match DNA sample

Examples (a) and (b): Two foal applications submitted each with only one set of parents on application

Both of your applications return as sire (or dam) exclusions.

To proceed with the application you would need to pay the following:

Exclusion @ rate of €37.00 x 2 registrations = €74.00

Submit new parentage @ rate of €7.50 per name per application €30.00 x2 = €60.00

Total cost of exclusion = €134.00                                                                                                  and see over./.





Example (c): Two yearling registrations submitted each with only one set of parentage on application

Both samples exclude from registration for instance the dam because maybe samples were mixed up at time of sampling.

To proceed with the application it would be necessary to pay the following:

Exclusion @ rate of €37.00 x 2 = €74.00

Repeat @ rate of €46.00 x 2 = €92.00

Submit new parentage @ rate of €7.50 per name per application €30.00 x2 = €60.00

Total cost of mix up = €226.00 (+ additional vet fees)




To prevent these any of these scenarios from happening to you:

  • Register your pony early and in good time;
  • Avoid purchasing an unregistered Connemara pony;
  • Be clear with the stallion owner and preferably obtain in writing which stallion you intend  the stallion owner to use to cover your mare;
  • If using artificial insemination ensure all paperwork is correct before proceeding.
  • Take care not to mix up samples when sampling multiple ponies at the same time.
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