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Duplicate Passport – Services

Issue Of Duplicate Passport / Lifetime Document – FAQs

I have mislaid my passport how do I get a replacement?

You will need to apply for a Duplicate Passport. All duplicate passports have to be confirmed by DNA Comparison. All criteria must be met in order for a duplicate passport to be issued.

Firstly you will need to complete the duplicate application and send it to the CPBS office accompanied with the correct fee. We will process the application and send you a DNA sampling kit and marking chart.

Section 1 – Pony Details.  We require a minimum of the following: Transponder, sex and colour.

Section 2 – Details of the mislaid passport. For example if it was lost/stolen please give details of place e.g. a sale or pony show. We would also require details of when you reported the passport lost or stolen to an Garda Siochana

Section 3 – Applicant’s Details. The person applying for the duplicate passport. If you are availing of the membership rate the applicant must be a member. Membership is non transferrable. See section 7 of the articles of association

Section 4 – Transfer of Ownership Form. Only to be complete if you are not the registered owner of the pony according to our database.

Vendor’s/ sellers details this is the person you purchased the pony off regardless of whether that person is recorded in the passport. You need to complete as much information as possible. For example if you purchased a pony at a mart or sale please enter location, date and lot number. No signature is required from the seller.

New owner’s details. Please complete all necessary information, name & address including post code. Equine premises number is only relevant for people residing in the Republic of Ireland.

Section 5 – Indemnity and Declaration. Please read this carefully and follow instructions. Your signature and date is required if you agree to all terms described in the form.

Section 6 – Payment.  Please choose the correct amount as this will delay your application where a form is accompanied by the incorrect fee.

When you receive this kit you should book your vet. Do not book your vet before you complete the form. We require markings to be recorded on CPBS marking charts. Marking charts from any other PIO will be returned to be transferred.

The following items are included in the sampling kit: DNA sampling envelope, Weatherbys Scientific addressed envelope, marking chart and CPBS addressed envelope.

Take care to read the instructions on the reverse of the sampling envelope.  Please ensure that the vet confirms the microchip in the pony by writing it in the box provided on the marking chart beside the pony silhouette. The vet also needs to confirm the transponder on the DNA sample bag.  The vet needs to stamp and sign both of these items.

The DNA sampling envelope goes into the Weatherbys Scientific envelope and the marking chart goes in the CPBS envelope. Please register post these to ensure they arrive safe.

Results are normally confirmed to the CPBS within 3-4 weeks. Once confirmed your duplicate passport will be issued to the applicant. The CPBS will under no circumstances send a passport to anyone other than the registered owner of the pony.

Issue Of Duplicate Passport / Lifetime Document – Services

Service Name Details Online Application
Issue of Duplicate Passport / Lifetime Document Members Rate Online Application >
Issue of Duplicate Passport / Lifetime Document Non-Member Rate Online Application >

Or alternatively, download the following form and post to us.

Duplicate Passport Application