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Equine Premises Number

Mar 25 2020

Equine Premises Number

Equine Premises Numbers

As of 7th of February 2020 all Passport Issuing Organisations (PIO’s) can not proceed with type 1 (foal and pony registrations) and type 3 (pony importation) applications if they are not accompanied with a valid equine premises number.

A list of all RVO can be found on the Departments website



Please ensure when submitting a DNA application or pony importation applications that they are accompanied with a valid equine premises number.  We cannot proceed with your application where there is an invalid equine premises number


Anyone who keeps or allows an equine (horse, ass, mule, pony, donkey etc) on their premises must legally register that premises with the Department of Agriculture Food and the Marine (DAFM).  It is very important that all premises where equines are kept, are registered with the DAFM.  The DAFM require this information in the event of a disease outbreak or other significant event that may impact the health and welfare of equine:

  • Contact owners and/or keepers and give them the appropriate information and advice on how to help protect the equines
  • Carry out the control and eradication measures needed to deal with a disease outbreak.



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