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Hoof Wall Separation Disease Record since 2015 to present

Sep 09 2021

Hoof Wall Separation Disease Record since 2015 to present

2015  Weatherbys Scientific  (Ireland) confirm HWSD test relevant to Connemara ponies


2016  Testing of all pure bred foals via Weatherbys prior to registration. Result stamped on passport

2016  Tribute to Jocelyn Davies and Penny Huggons, who pioneered the study of HWSD, in An

           Capaillin 2016

2016  Veterinarian Kate Murray MRCVS  commissioned to prepare explanatory leaflet A4 4pp illus.

colour for Society. Posted on website late 2016, available to download and distributed to all

members of CPBS


2017  Press release to Irish Field, national weekly equine specialist newspaper, and veterinary press.

Article in Field on two occasions, advertisements re testing in press

2017  Spring. Regional seminars advertised in press and on website. Addressed by Kate

Murray MRCVS , organised by Southern Group and Leinster

2017  Colour brochure reproduced in An Capaillin

2017  Dublin Horse Show – Illustrated material and advice available at Dublin Horse Show

Stand in central location


2018  Testing of all colts brought for inspection, if not already tested

2018  Untested mares (born pre 2016) encouraged to avail of testing at Inspections onwards

2018  Advertisements in press, on website etc.

2018  Dublin Horse Show Illustrated material including substantial display material, leaflets and

advice available at CPBS Horse Show Stand in central location

2018  CPBS HWSD test results since 2016 published on Database (following GDPR Act 2018)

2018  Private tests accepted and published on database with owner’s consent (following GBPR 2018)

2018  All major marts circulated

2018  UCD Veterinary School contacted


2019  Additional information leaflet prepared for distribution and sent out with ALL post including

membership renewals

2019  Extensive CPBS advertising campaign in Irish Field, on website and Facebook.  Two articles sent

to Irish Field – a feature on HWSD, and – Buyer Beware!

2019  Irish School of Farriery put HWSD on syllabus

2019  Paul Flynn of Weatherbys addressed Irish School of Farriery students

2019  Master Farriers’ Association discuss at AGM and distribute literature

2019  Dublin Horse Show Illustrated material including display material, leaflets and advice available

at CPBS Horse Show Stand in central location

2019  UCD Veterinary School contacted again

2019  From 2019 to present, letter to breeder of any Affected pony highlighting the severity of the

disease and breeding recommendations

2019  DAFM Funding secured under 2019 Equine Technical Support and Equine Breeding Schemes

offering  a discounted rate to test older ponies

2019  HWSD statistics published in Christmas Newsletter


2020  Two Breeding Workshops, HWSD by Paul Flynn (Weatherbys) Maam Cross, 19 Jan, by Sarah

Quaid  (Weatherbys) Athlone 26 Jan

2020  Stallion Parade must be tested to take part. However due to Covid parade didn’t happen

Online Stallion Event to take part must be tested

2020  Subsidised testing scheme continued, advertised in press on website, on Facebook etc

2020  HWSD and purchasing a pony  in An Capaillin

2020  Full testing results from 2016 on published in An Capaillin

2020  Stallion Directory HWSD status must be declared  for inclusion

2020  From 2020 all entrants for Clifden Show must be HWSD tested


2021  DAFM approved HWSD status stamped in three places on passport including the cover, breeding page and back page


NOTE: EU legislation no. 252/2016 and subsequent regulations apply to the breeding of Connemara ponies. The Connemara Pony Breeders’ Society is the recognised custodian of the breed.



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