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Horse Racing Tips For Online Bettors

Horse Racing Tips For Online Bettors

Horse races have been a people’s favorite when it comes to placing wagers on sports since as long as we can remember. The beauty of these majestic animals and their incredible speed and force mesmerizes horse show and horse race watchers altogether. Placing a bet on the outcome of an official horse race adds an extra element of excitement, turning the race into an even more fun event to pay attention to. Here are a few interesting horse racing facts and statistics that should help you prepare your next bets more carefully and hopefully turn them into winning ones.

Fun Horse Racing Facts and Statistics

Did you know that every racetrack has a TV simulcast commentator whose job is to handicap between races? It might also help to know that the top 10 riders in the jockey standings are prone to win 90% of the races that will be run during that day. Keep in mind that horses that are considered to be the favorites win about third of the time, even though we are talking about small payoffs. If you are familiar with the slots or pokies games you can find on sites like, it probably means you are well aware of the whole odds and payouts scheme of gambling games and you also know how to joggle with risks. while a game of slots played online on a computer, table, or phone can keep you entertained for a few minutes or even hours, it is nowhere as near as adrenaline-pumping as crazy horse racing with head-to-head competitors – unless you are playing a huge progressive jackpot video slots game which could make you a few hundred thousand or million dollars richer, of course! Didn’t know that was even possible while playing a simple game online? Take a look at the fresh reviews of the hottest casinos on the web, read news, tips, articles, and watch video tutorials so you can make the best inspired choice.

Extra Horse Racing Betting Tips

Getting back to horse races, pay attention to the morning lines. This is not who the racetrack’s oddsmaker finds favor for in the race, but his prediction of how the public is going to bet. So it s recommended to bet play a few dollars on horses going off at odds that are twice or thrice bigger higher than the morning line. You can also use online betting tools found on specialized bookmakers’ sites and get the best odds possible.  

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