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Ring Stewards Code of Conduct



1.1 Any person who is accorded the honour of officiating in the capacity of Steward for
the Connemara Pony Breeders’ Society undertakes that he/she will:

  1. (a) be aware of the importance of stewarding to the success of a Society event or competition and undertakes to conduct himself/herself in a manner fitting and proper;
  2. (b) know the Rules and Regulations of the Connemara Pony Breeders’ Society in the context of a Society event or competition and will act in accordance withits Rules and Regulations at all times;
  3. (c) demonstrate exemplary standards in behaviour by being polite and courteous;
  4. (d) work co-operatively with fellow Stewards and will support the efforts of those who are officiating as Judges;
  5. (e) at all times operate with due regard to the requirements of Health and Safety associated with the event or competition.




2.1 As the Connemara Pony Breeders’ Society further refines its competition and event standards and operations, the role of individuals who officiate in positions other than Judges will become increasingly important. The Ring Stewards are the people who assist in the presentation of competitions, who can be relied upon for their knowledge
and experience and who can ensure that the event is run in a safe manner. They are often the direct link between competitors and Judges. Stewards, therefore, have certain
responsibilities and obligations to the Society that must be upheld at all times.




3.1 The term exhibitor in this “code of conduct” shall include handler, groom, competitor or any other person in charge of a pony.
3.2 Ring Stewards must be dressed appropriately, with due regard to safety.
3.3 Ring Stewards shall act in accordance with the Rules and Regulations pertaining to the Show and/or as directed by the Show Chairperson.
3.4 The Ring Steward has charge of the activities in the ring/arena and total responsibility to manage the business in the show ring. Judges must direct instructions and decisions through the Ring Steward.
3.5 Ring Stewards are required to organise exhibitors and their ponies in the ring /arena area. He/she must ensure the programme runs smoothly, and on schedule, and in accordance with the Society’s Rules and Regulations.
3.6 Ring Stewards must assist the Judge(s) where and when required, but must not in any way influence a Judge’s decision.
3.7 Ring Stewards shall act as an intermediary between the Judge and competitor.
3.8 A Ring Steward may not hold the position of Show Chairperson or Show Secretary at a show at which he/she serves.
3.9 Where an exhibitor has entered a ring without wearing a number it is the responsibility of the Ring Steward to confirm the eligibility of the exhibit to be in the Class.
3.10 Ring Stewards should assemble the Classes promptly to eliminate long delays and keep the programme on schedule.
3.11 A Ring Steward must not allow exhibitors to crowd up in the ring or arena and, at all times, must endeavour to eliminate the possibilities of an accident.
3.12 Where a particular Class or Competition has entries deemed to be too large for safe accommodation within the ring/arena the Ring Steward should inform the Judge of the numbers so that the Class may be divided if the Judge so wishes.

  1. (a) Where there is a need to divide the Class or Competition this will be achieved by creating two groups of competitors, one group of even numbers and a second group of uneven numbers unless otherwise specified by the rules and regulations governing the Show.
3.13 Ring Stewards shall have the right to permit a late exhibitor to enter the ring provided that the Judge (s) has not commenced the line-up.

  1. (a)The Ring Steward will advise the Judge(s) of the total number of exhibits and of how many ponies should be placed in the Class.
3.14 Ring Stewards shall not take part, or be seen to take part, in any of the judging. When not actively engaged with duties, Ring Stewards should place themselves in such a way as not to interfere with the judging.
3.15 Ring Stewards shall move and place ponies as instructed by the Judge(s).

  1. (a) A Ring Steward must always ensure that he/she carries out the instructions of a judge precisely and without error.
  2. (b) A Ring Steward shall act courteously and with decisive authority when instructing exhibitors.
  3. (c) If an exhibitor is unsure of what to do, the Ring Steward will endeavour to instruct the exhibitor with kindness and firmness.
3.16 A Ring Steward will direct a competitor to leave the ring/arena if so requested by the Judge, particularly when it is a matter of Health and Safety or when a competitor does not act in accordance with the regulations governing the show, which shall include conduct unbecoming an exhibitor.
3.17 After rosettes / ribbons have been awarded the Ring Steward should organise the exhibitors whose ponies were awarded rosettes / ribbons to circle the ring or arena for the benefit of the spectators.
3.18 Where Class sheets/cards are used the Ring Steward should ensure that the Judge’s signature is on each sheet/card and that it is handed to the Show Secretary.
3.19 Smoking and the use of mobile phones is not permitted in the Show ring/arena
3.20 A Ring Steward shall not be under the influence of alcohol or mind-altering substances.
3.21 A Ring Steward shall make a written report to the Show Chairperson of any
irregularities that he/she is aware of in the ring/arena.