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Transfer Of Ownership – FAQs & Services

Transfer of Ownership – FAQs

I have purchased a Connemara Pony and want to register it in my name?

You will need to complete a transfer of ownership application either online or by paper application. Please have this completed within 30 days of purchase in order to comply with EU legislation.

Section 1 – Animal Details. Pony name, UELN/studbook number, microchip/transponder number all can be found in the passport. Please ensure the microchip on the passport matches the microchip in your pony.  (If you discover any discrepancies with the chip please see FAQ on https://cpbs.ie/dna-comparison-form/)

Section 2 – Seller’s Details. This is the person you purchased the pony off regardless of whether that person is mentioned in the passport. You need to complete as much information as possible. For example if you purchased a pony at a mart or sale please enter location, date and lot number.  No signature is required from the seller.

Section 3 – New Owner’s Details. Please complete all necessary information, address including post code. Equine premises number is only relevant for people residing in the Republic of Ireland.

It is a legal requirement to have an Equine Premises Number. You will need to apply through your local authority office. Forms can be found on https://www.agriculture.gov.ie/animalhealthwelfare/animalwelfare/registrationofpremisesanimals/registrationofhorsepremises/

Section 4 – Payment.  Please select the correct fee, forms accompanied with the incorrect or no fee will be returned causing delays with the service. Sterling cheques and cash are not accepted.

We accept euro cheques, cash, postal orders, bank drafts and online payments only. We do not accept bank transfers.

Membership Fee is €15                               Non Membership Fee is €30

We also facilitate the return of your passport by registered post if you wish to cover the cost.

UK Delivery €14.00                                       IRE Delivery €10.10

If you would like to become a member please see https://cpbs.ie/membership-form/

How long does it take to complete the transfer of ownership?

It takes approximately 3 – 5* working days (* with the exception of Show, Inspection and Festival times) to complete the transfer. This is from the time we receive the completed application, passport and correct fee. Please note the pony is not transferred when you submit the application online, it is transferred when we process the passport.

I have changed the ownership of my pony with one of your daughter societies how do I update the microchip with my new address?

The transponder in your pony does not hold any information. The transponder is the link from your pony to the passport. This is why it is vital that the ownership is transferred as soon as possible. If the pony is found or rescued the transponder is unique to the Connemara Pony Breeders’ Society. When we are notified we will be able to access your contact information.

In order for us to update the ownership of any pony we would need confirmation from the daughter society stating that you completed the transfer with them.

I sold my pony over two years ago and it is still in my name how can I rectify this?

Please contact the office in writing for a full list of ponies registered in your name. We will post or email you the list. You can then inform us in writing of the ponies you have sold. We can then make the necessary amendments to your account.

Transfer of Ownership – Online Services

Members Rates:      
Service Name Details Application Form
Transfer of Ownership Members Rate Online Application >
Transfer of Ownership Members Rate – Reg Post Return Ireland Online Application >
Transfer of Ownership Members Rate – Reg Post Return UK Online Application >
Non-Member Rates:
Service Name Details Application Form
Transfer of Ownership Non-Members Rate Online Application >
Transfer of Ownership Non-Members Rate – Reg Post Return Ireland Online Application >
Transfer of Ownership Non-Members Rate – Reg Post Return UK Online Application >

Transfer of Ownership Services – by post

Alternatively, download and complete the following form and post to CPBS including passport and Member/Non-Member fee
(please include fee for return by Registered Post if you wish to avail of this service)

Transfer of Ownership Form