Connemara Pony Breeders' Society | Two Year Old Mare Class 2013
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Two Year Old Mare Class 2013

Two Year Old Mare Class 2013

Class :4 Two year old Registered Mare, the progeny of a registered Connemara Pony Mare and registered Connemara Pony Stallion.




109       Owner    Mr Damien Gorham, Bunowen, Ballyconneely,  Co. Galway.

             Breeder  Mr Damien Gorham, Bunowen, Ballyconneely,  Co. Galway.

             Pony      Doonhill Misty Dawn M1-372004000026862                                        

             Sire         Currachmore Cashel S0001128                                                                 

              Dam       April Dawn Lady M0013974




110       Owner    Mr & Mrs Padraic & Nicola Heanue, Ballinaboy, Clifden,  Co. Galway.

             Breeder  Mr Pat Walsh, Carragh, Belclare, Tuam, Co Galway.

             Pony      Carragh May M1-372004000026470                                                     

             Sire         Dooneen Just Joey S1-372100400001203                                                

             Dam        Kippure Scarlett M0013613




101       Owner    Mr Patrick Curran Leagaun Moycullen Co . Galway

             Breeder  Liam O’Malley Wyncroft, Ballygar, Co Galway

             Pony      Wyncroft Dawn M1-372004000025956                                                 

             Sire         Laerkens Cascade Dawn IS 5                                                                   

             Dam       Bailenabrough Beauty M1-372100400015990




102       Owner    Mr Padraic Curran,  Moycullen,   Co. Galway.

             Breeder  Mr Padraic Curran,  Moycullen,   Co. Galway.

             Pony      Glencarrig Abbey M1-372004000026179                                              

             Sire         Glencarrig Prince S0001073

             Dam       Circular Lady M1-372100400014210











  123     Owner    Mr Joe Mc Cann (Jnr), Ballyconneely,   Co. Galway

             Breeder  Mr Joe Mc Cann (Jnr), Ballyconneely,   Co. Galway

             Pony      Camellia Mist M1-372004000025567                                                     

             Sire         Dunloughan Troy S1-372100400004719                                                  

             Dam       Celtic Moy Streams M1-372100400015920




114      Owner    Ms Laura Mc Weeney, Longstone Stud, Ballinamore,  Co. Leitirim

             Breeder  Ms Laura Mc Weeney, Longstone Stud, Ballinamore,  Co. Leitirim

             Pony      Longstone Jenny M1-372004000027591                                                

             Sire         Tassie’s Diamond S1-372100400004319                                                  

             Dam       Killaspic Gold Lady M1-372100400016383






108       Owner    Mr Edward Fleming, Ballybrown, Streamstown, Mullingar, Co. Westmeath

             Breeder  Ms Nora Coyle, Coole, Cranford, Letterkenny, Co. Donegal

             Pony      Ashtree Princess M1-372004000026905                                                

             Sire         Monaghanstown Prince S0001160                                                            

             Dam       Mountain Mo Chuilse M1-372100400017488




116       Owner    Mr Michael O’Malley, Cregduff, Ballinrobe,  Co. Mayo

             Breeder  Mr Michael O’Malley, Cregduff, Ballinrobe,  Co. Mayo

             Pony      Cregduff Fidelma M1-372004000025518                                              

             Sire         Currachmore Cashel S0001128                                                                 

             Dam       Cregduff Fiona M0013313




121       Owner    Mr Seán King, Ballindoon House Ballyconneely, Clifden Co. Galway

             Breeder  Classiebawn Castle, Cliffoney, Mullaghmore,  Co. Sligo

             Pony      Boa Island Molly M1-372004000026895                                                

             Sire         Jacks Promise. S0000959

             Dam       Old Head Lass M0008850




111       Owner    Mr Paraic Keady, Slieveaneena Moycullen,  Co. Galway

             Breeder  Mr Kevin Nally, Addrigoole, Corrandulla,  Co Galway

             Pony      Addrigoole Salvia M1-372004000026419                                              

             Sire         Frederiksminde Hazy Match IS 10                                                           

             Dam       Trixie M1-372100400019590

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