June 5, 2016

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Credit Card Payment Form

Information provided with this form will be destroyed once the transaction has been processed… read more

DNA Comparison Form

This form is to be completed in full by the registered owner of the pony in question. This form is for DNA comparison only. It will only compare a sample from the pony you have to the DNA profile held in the lab. It is to be used for identity cases only if a microchip cannot be found or if you feel the passport you have does not match your pony. Once the form and fee are received we will send… read more

Issue of Duplicate Documents

Please read the following before completing the application. ALL DUPLICATE PASSPORT APPLICATIONS MUST BE VERIFIED BY DNA, MICROCHIP AND MARKING CHART. THIS WILL EXTEND THE TIME LINE OF APPLICATION TO 4 WEEKS. A Fee of €200 (CPBS Members €185.00) must be returned with this form to the CPBS prior to the CPBS undertaking to issue the pony with a Duplicate Document of identification. A DNA… read more

Gelding Registration/Classification

Upon submission of the following items the CPBS will classify the gelding in the appropriate class. Registration fee. Veterinary Certificate stating the following: Height Certificate of castration Colour New Markings Verification of microchip If the pony has not been micro chipped, microchips must be bought from the CPBS. Fee €15. Lifetime Document/Temporary Foal Cert. (Three choices of names… read more

Membership form

  Use link below if you would prefer to download and print the form… read more

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