Connemara Pony Breeders' Society | When Blood Typing your Foal/Pony in 2014
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When Blood Typing your Foal/Pony in 2014

When Blood Typing your Foal/Pony in 2014

We won’t feel it until the 2014 foal s will be on the ground.  Please remember that you can blood type your foal from the day it’s born.  The CPBS endeavour to have your passport back to you as quickly as possible, however there are a few areas which the breeder/owner could ensure is completed which would quicken this process.


  1. Apply for your blood kit before the foal is 6 months of age or before it leaves the dams side
  2. When filling in your application please ensure all details are filled out.  Please note that the date of birth needs to be fully completed.  This needs to be the full date of birth i.e. 10th June 2014 and not just the month or the year.
  3. When you apply for your kit all the details on your form are checked, if the name you have chosen is already in use, we will put a note on the marking chart when we return it to you, so make sure you check the marking chart.
  4. Please ensure that your Vet writes in the colour
  5. Please ensure that your Vet identifies where the micro chip is inserted on the marking chart.  If we receive markings in and the micro chip is not identified on the marking chart, we will have to return the marking chart to the Vet and ask them to fill this in.
  6. When sampling more than one foal, please ensure the contents of the kits are not mixed up.


Please note that time needed to phone or contact breeders/owners for omitted information take up time which could be spent processing passports.


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