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Connemara Pony Performance Mare Championship

Connemara Pony Performance Mare Championship

The CPBS is delighted to announce it has received funding from Horse Sport Ireland of €5000 towards running a Performance Mare Championship. It is being introduced as an incentive to mare owners to produce their mares for a performance competition with an attractive prize fund and encourage the promotion of them as performance animals. The competition aims to promote and provide an outlet for four year old mares likely to make high class show jumpers or eventers and to identify performance mares at a young age that may be suitable for the broodmare herd.

Fifteen four year old mares will qualify for a final to take place on Wednesday 19th August 2015 during the Annual Connemara Pony Festival. The mares will be assessed on their jumping ability, conformation and temperament / ease of working with. A large international audience travel to Clifden for the festival and it is anticipated that this competition will increase the export value of four year old mares.

This is a unique competition as it focuses on the ease of handling the pony as well as the pony’s jumping ability and is the first competition of its kind for Connemara ponies.

This competition through identifying potential show jumping or eventing mares will help breeders develop individual breeding strategies to produce both showjumping and eventing ponies, while profiling and benchmarking the mare herd.

Following the competition a special slot will be allocated at the Connemara Pony Sales on Saturday 22nd August for mares that competed at the final with the goal of increasing export value.

The fifteen mares will be marked as follows at the final:

  • 20 points – Functional Conformation
  • 10 points – Canter
  • 20 points – Technique
  • 20 points – Scope
  • 10 points – Power
  • 10 points – Balance
  • 10 points – Attitude
  • 30 points – Jumping Talent/Potential
  • 20 points – Temperament / Ease of working with including catching, lifting hooves, backing, leading and standing still.

Total 150 points

No points for un-natural and exaggerated performances. Economy of effort in jumping will be rewarded.

In the event of a tie, the pony with the highest score for ‘Technique’ will be the winner.

Entry forms and details of qualifiers will be posted over the coming days.

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