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Council Meeting Report 04/01/16

Jan 09 2017

Council Meeting Report 04/01/16

The CPBS Council met on Wednesday (4th January  ) evening for the first council meeting of 2017.  The main topics discussed were, Linear profiling, Inspections and HWSD.  The meeting agreed to hold the final two days training for the linear profiling over January and February.  A group of twenty four participants completed two days training in November. 

The Inspection committee addressed the meeting about introducing changes to the format on the inspection process for colts and fillies.  A number of ideas were discussed and all members of council are going to give submissions which will be discussed further at the next council meeting on Sunday 5th February.  It is intended to bring the proposed changes to inspections to the breeders at educational seminars around the country early in the year.

Mrs Kate Murray DVM MRCVS in collaboration with the CPBS has kindly put together an information leaflet on HWSD for our breeders.  This leaflet is hoped to give breeders a greater understanding of the disease.  HWSD will also be discussed at the educational seminars.  Please click to download the information leaflet here: Hoof Wall Separation Disease

Dates and venue for the Spring Colt and Filly inspections will be available in the coming days

The meeting asked for a note to be included on all new membership applications for 2017 that in the case where an applicant does not know of a proposer to contact the CPBS office. The office will then help put the applicant in contact with a CPBS member in their area. Please note membership renewal for 2017 are due before 1st March 2017.

Mr. Andrew O’Donoghue gave his resignation after 11 years on the board of the CPBS and also served as President for a term.  The meeting thanked Mr. O’Donoghue for his work and wished him well in the future.

The next council meeting is scheduled for Sunday 5th February

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