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Council Meeting Report

Council Meeting Report

The CPBS Council continued it’s meeting of 3/5/16 on Wednesday evening. It was agreed to run a showjumping competition in Clifden on Saturday 4th June following on from the success of the showjumping at the Spring Festival.

It is planned to run a course for those wishing to join the in-hand judges list. The necessary criteria for applicants and the format of the course will be decided at the next Council meeting.

Following communications from members it was agreed that if a pony at the Connemara Pony show wins a class it will still be eligible to compete in the side saddle class if it has been entered for it. If a pony wins a class and is entered for another class with a different rider it may still compete in that class but if it wins a second class the rider who rode the pony in the first class must ride the pony in the championship.

The next Council meeting will take place on Monday 1st June.

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