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Foal Forecasts 2024 for SNP (Single Nucleotide Polymorphism) Testing

Nov 30 2023

Foal Forecasts 2024 for SNP (Single Nucleotide Polymorphism) Testing

Important Information pre Foaling Season


The introduction of SNP  in 2023 extended the testing process in the lab and in many cases (especially when the parents are not SNP genotyped) this led to longer turnaround times with samples resulting in the delay in issuing foal passports. Weatherbys Scientific are working with the CPBS to address the delays that occurred during 2023 and an integral aspect of progress in the processing of samples is the Dam & Sire are both SNP typed and have been issued with a Genotype number prior to the foal sample being presented for verification.  The CPBS would therefore appeal to all breeders, in the interest of expediting this process, to complete and return the “Forecast of Foals Expected in 2024” forms to the office, by post or email, before the 15th January 2024 so the status of both sire and dam can be identified and the necessary steps taken to follow up and update their SNP status prior to the foaling season. If you have not received a “Foal Forecast” form please download from the link below.

Forecast of Foals Expected in 2024

Thank you.

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