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HWSD Testing

Hoof Wall Separation Disease Test – FAQs

I have completed my HWSD test privately can you stamp my pony’s passport?

No. The CPBS only recognises test results that we facilitate through Weatherbys Scientific.

How long before I get results of my pony HWSD status?

 The time frame is roughly 3-4 weeks from the time the lab receive your sample.

I want to get my pony tested where do I start?

You can complete the application online or by paper application. The application requires the pony’s details; name, date of birth and UELN.  The second part of the form requires the owner’s details. This is the person the sampling kit will be posted to.  If you are availing of the membership rate the applicant must be a member. Membership is non transferrable. See section 7 of the articles of association https://cpbs.ie/governence/articles-of-association/

There is certain criteria to adhere to proceed with the test.

  1. The pony you are testing must have a transponder. If no transponder is present you must complete a DNA comparison https://cpbs.ie/dna-comparison-form/
  2. You must be the registered owner of the pony. In order to proceed with the test. If you are not the registered owner you will be required to complete a transfer of ownership form https://cpbs.ie/transfer-ownership/

Hoof Wall Separation Disease Testing (HWSD Testing)  – Services

Service Name Details Online Application
Hoof Wall Separation Disease Test Members Rate Online Application >
Hoof Wall Separation Disease Test Non-Member Rate Online Application >

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