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Inspections Appeal Process

Inspections Appeal Process

  1. Appeal’s Procedure and Subsequent Inspections


13.1. Owners of colts/fillies that do not meet the veterinary requirements on the day of inspection or who are unsatisfied with the height measurement can have a re-examination carried out within one month (30 days) of the original inspection.

13.2. It is the responsibility of the owner to inform the CPBS office in writing that an appeal is being made.

13.3. The cost of the re-examination is borne by the applicant and the decision of the re-measurement is final.

13.4. A Society representative will be present at the re-measurement on the day of the appeal.

13.5. Colts and Fillies who fail to achieve Class One status may be re-presented for inspection at a subsequent inspection. The appropriate application form must be completed and returned with the application fee to the CPBS.

13.6 Owners who are dissatisfied with a result of a Colt/Stallion inspection and who do not wish to re-present the Colt for a subsequent inspection can make a formal appeal to the CPBS. Appeals shall be held at the next available Colt/Stallion inspection date with an alternative inspection panel and will incur a fee of 500 euro. Only one appeal shall be allowed and the result of the appeal shall be final.

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