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Job Description – Vice President CPBS


The Council reserve the right to amend this Job Description as it sees fit from time to time.


The Vice President of the Connemara Pony Breeders’ Society is directly responsible for supporting the President in his/her role and representing him/her when required. The Vice President has reporting requirements to the President and Council Members and/or Council sub-committees. He/she will liaise with members of the Executive for the purposes of policy, problem-solving, planning and finances, and build and manage external relationships as required.

Principal duties and responsibilities:

  • To advise the Council on the interpretation of the Society’s constitution, rules and regulations and apply these requirements to the company’s governance and operations.
  • To lead the business planning function in collaboration with the Executive Team and others.
  • To develop a strategic framework with the Executive Team that gives the Society’s membership and staff a clear understanding of the future direction of the Society and how the Society will achieve its objectives.
  • To support the President in the development of the Society and help build a culture of trust among the members of the Society.
  • To oversee the development and delivery of the Society Festival activity.
  • To advise the Executive Committee on its statutory responsibilities, ensuring any changes are effectively communicated in a timely manner.
  • To maintain effective communications with other Council Members and staff in order to ensure a corporate approach is achieved in the delivery of operations.
  • To work with the President to set budgets for operational services and to ensure that operational services are managed within allocated budgets
  • To deputise for President when required and operate within the authority of the President as delegated.
  • To undertake project work/ assignments as allocated by the President.
  • To work effectively with the Executive Team including chairing meetings and other forums.
  • To carry out other duties as may be required by the President.
  • To establish and maintain good working relationships the Executive Team, Council Members and staff within the Society..

Document Title:     Job Description Vice-President – Connemara Pony Breeders Society
Issue Date:     19/10/15
Effective Date:     19/10/15
Authorised by:     Tom MacLochlainn – President
Document / Procedure No:     n/a
Revision No:     001