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Prefix Form

Prefix Form

A Registered Prefix is a unique one-word Prefix or Suffix used in the naming of ponies at birth or registration with the Society by a breeder.

A registered prefix can only be used for ponies bred by the registered owner of that Prefix.  A registered prefix may not be used as any part of a name given to ponies bought and named by the owner of that registered prefix or to ponies owned or bred by anyone else.

In order to register a prefix a Breeder/Owner must complete the form below and send it to the Society office with a fee of €50. Only members of the Connemara Pony Breeders Society can register a prefix. This prefix is then registered for use with the CPBS and all our overseas Societies.

Once a Breeder registers their prefix with the CPBS or a daughter society it is registered for life and no other Breeder/Owner may subsequently use that prefix in the registration of Connemara ponies.

The owner of a registered prefix must use that prefix when naming ponies bred by them at registration.

If the owner of a registered prefix is granting permission for a prefix to be used in the naming of progeny of their registered pony that has been sold on and bred to a new owner, the CPBS will require written authorisation from the prefix owner stating they have granted permission for their prefix to be used in each individual case.

You may also download a copy of the DNA Comparison/Parentage Search form by clicking the button below. The form should be completed and returned to the address provided.

Please note: Sterling Cash/Cheques are not accepted.

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