Gelding Classification

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How do I get my gelding a Class1 status?

Gelding classification is an application process.  This service is not available to complete online as new markings may be required.

Please read the form carefully before you complete the application as there are a number of points to adhere to.

Section 1 – Pony Details, all information is required.  UELN, name of pony, height of pony, colour, Vets Signature.  (Please ensure you get your vet to sign this part of the application)

Section 2 – Applicant Details. The person applying for the Gelding Classification. If you are availing of the membership rate the applicant must be a member. Membership is not transferrable. See section 7 of the articles of association Articles of Association.

Section 3 – Transfer of Ownership form. Only to be completed if you are not the registered owner of the pony as recorded on the CPBS database.

Vendor’s/ sellers details this is the person you purchased the pony off regardless of whether that person is mentioned in the passport. You need to complete as much information as possible. For example if you purchased a pony at a mart or sale please enter location, date and lot number. No signature is required from the seller.

New owner’s details. Please complete all necessary information, name & address including post code.

You can download the form here Gelding Classification.

Upon submission of the following items the CPBS will classify the gelding in the appropriate class.

  • Registration fee.
  • Veterinary Certificate stating the following:
    • Height
    • Certificate of castration
    • Colour
    • New Markings
    • Verification of microchip If the pony has not been micro chipped, microchips must be bought from the CPBS. Fee €15.
  • Lifetime Document/Temporary Foal Cert. (Three choices of names for the pony must be submitted with a Temporary Foal cert.)
  • Completed transfer of ownership form and fee where required.